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Penguin & Peep

Living in a small Alaskan town when you’re from LA can be a total drag.  But if your best friend is a Moosebear... oh, what’s a Moosebear?  Only the most amazing creature you’ll ever meet.  They have magical powers and can even become invisible!  My best friend Barry is a Moosebear, he can talk to animals and when I’m with him I can too!  With Barry as my best friend, living in Alaska is better than being in LA any day.  Even if it does get really cold.. and there are no malls for over 100 miles..

Moosebear & Alese

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Oh, btw I’m Alese.  I’m 11.  I grew up in LA but my parents decided to move us to Alaska where my mom grew up.  They think it’s good for me to be around more nature. I wasn’t so sure until I met a Moosebear names Barry.  The kids at school don’t understand me, but Barry is my friend no matter what.



Barry can talk both humans and animals! He can even make himself invisible, but he has trouble with it sometimes. I’m sure Moosebears have other secret powers, but I’m not sure what they are yet.  Even though he’s like an animal, he’s really smart and curious. He wants to know everything about the world around him, sometimes he gets into trouble for being too curious!

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